Founded in 1991, TRICHODEX® is a Spanish Biotechnology company specialized in agriculture. From an integrated approach to Innovation, we have a multidisciplinary R&D&I department where the research results are translated into our high technology products. For production and quality control, in the headquarter we have our renowned laboratories and innovative manufacturing plants. This competitive advantage allows TRICHODEX® to offer solutions according to the needs of Farmers from around the world.

Our company
Our company


In TRICHODEX’s buildings, we work during all the stages related with the extraction, processing and formulation of the different active substances to develop our biotech products. All the trials we carry out for different crops and solutions, from in vitro to field trials, and the quality control of our products follow the European and Spanish regulations and certifications.

Our products
The technology of our TRICHODEX® products contributes a high added value and an increase in the economic profitability to the crops, providing trust and security for the Farmer.

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