Trichodex Quality policy

As a biotechnology company dedicated to the manufacture of products for agriculture, TRICHODEX is committed to quality and the satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, it has a quality management system based on continuous improvement, in line with the following commitments:

  • Constant commitment to innovation as the basis of our current and future development, aimed at seeking new technological solutions.
  • Satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients, ensuring the quality of the products provided and seeking solutions for farmers, in order to maximise the production potential, have crops free from residue, and provide the end user with healthy, high quality agricultural products.
  • Effectively managing, controlling and developing our processes, promoting their continuous improvement.
  • Fulfilling all legal requirements which affect our production activity and other requirements which we take on voluntarily.
  • Considering Quality as a strategic element in our company and raising awareness of professionals and motivating them on the importance of our quality system to effectively and efficiently obtain better products and services.

To carry out all of this, the General Management establishes all the necessary measures and resources for implementation, as well as for making this policy known, understood and put into practice by all levels of the organisation.

In Dos Hermanas on the 26th of March 2018

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