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Trichodex is currently present in more than 30 countries worldwide. From our company we focus on our customers and support them to improve the performance of local crops.

Continuing our work to support our clients, during the month of July we visited Arman Sabz, our main distributor in Iran. Until then, part of our TRICHODEX team travel: Jose Manuel González (Commercial Director), Juan Manuel López (Marketing Director) and Carlos Hernández (International Area Manager ).

Arman Sabz -Adineh

Arman Sabz -Adineh began their activity in 2008 with the goal of entering the local agricultural market, including fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and agricultural tools.

Its activities have increased quickly, and currently among their many activities they provide scientific and technical support to farmers, improving their training and helping to develop the Iranian market. In addition, they own more than 1,500 products in its catalog and invoices approximately 80% of agricultural supplies of the country.

During our visit to Iran, Trichodex has had the opportunity to make a presentation to Adineh technicians to optimize the performance of the main Iranian crops such as, pistachio, rice, grape, horticulture, fruit trees and citrus.

In the area of ​​Shahrekord, where the fruit orchards are found, we were able to visit the main distributor of the area, Mr. Mousa Fatahi, and exchange views on the use and efficiency of our products in the different crops. Trichodex gave advice to optimize production and agree technical developments in the area, following the protocols established by our company and monitored by the technical team of Arman Sabz.

Visit to Facilities

Thanks to the close relationship we have with the Adineh Group, we were invited to visit their facilities in the Saveh area and toured part of the 1000 ha of their own cultivation, dedicated to Pistachio.

After the visit, Mrs Zahra Sharifi, the daughter of the owner of Adineh invited us to a meal at their house, where we had the opportunity to plan future actions with our client.

From here we would like to thank Arman Sabz for the attentions and hospitality received by Trichodex in Iran.

بسیار از شما سپاسگزارم

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