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TRICHODEX and FERQUIDO have organized a series of seminars in July to help improve crop yields in the Dominican Republic.

Ferquido is our main distributor in the country, which is a great connoisseur of local agriculture since its founding in 1956. It is a pioneer company with the innovation and development of innovative technologies, which offers their customers a wide range of products and services of high quality, in the areas of production and technical support.

During these seminars, the main innovations of Trichodex were presented, and we gave them  advice to improve crop efficacy and health with our zero waste solutions and also discussed how to increase the strength of crops for organic production.


These seminars were given by Daniel Jimenez de Trichodex, our expert on “Organic farming”, who also advised local technicians and farmers on issues such as fungal diseases, bacteriosis and application of products. We visited the different crop areas of the country, with the help of Nisael Dirocié, our representative of Trichodex in the Caribbean, and Ramón Rowland, director of Ferquido.

These seminars were attended by agricultural technicians, small distributors and producers of crops like Tobacco, Organic Banana, Horticulture and Oriental crops. Among the technicians who attended the different seminars, it is worth mentioning the presence of the technicians from the Ministry of Agriculture, who were interested by the information offered during the same ones.

During his stay in the Dominican Republic, Trichodex visited the facilities of Ferquido, where we talked about the consumption of our products. Among the best results are the KALIBANAN product line, which obtains a magnificent result as a bioprotector in bananas and the use of BIOCLEAN in organic mango crops.

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